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Why Choose A Family Owned Hotel in a Chain Hotel World

Do you prefer the comforts of a small scale one-stop shop or the predictable nature of a major hotel chain? Here are four reasons to check-in to Normandy Farm on your next trip to Montco, PA. The choice is yours to decide.


Upon entering a chain hotel, you’ll notice the same signage, hear the same greeting, and quite possibly receive the exact same experience as the guest before you. This may be great for providing the same value, but can sometimes come off as cold or unwelcoming. In a family-run business, staff are trained to provide excellent service while incorporating their own personal touch to their work. There is not a script, simply genuine customer relations.


“Where are you from?”, “What brings you to town?”, “Do you have any special needs?” are questions you might hear from a server or front desk agent in passing. We care who you are and where you come from. While large chains tend to experience turnover at higher rates, boutique businesses are typically handed down through generations or maintain long-term employees. These individuals are here because it’s their passion. Their heart is in the company and they truly care about every guest experience This type of service is deep rooted and can’t be trained. This type of service stems from family businesses.


Chain hotels are one in the same. You expect consistent interior, furniture, décor, and uniforms. At Normandy Farm, from the moment you enter the property, you’ll notice the personal touches that make you feel at home. Each guest suite has its own flare; from local artwork, rustic decor, and specialty coffee and toiletries to historic elements such as original exposed beams. The property dates back 290 years and it's rich history offers feelings of nostalgia. The old barn stalls were transformed into a farm-to-table restaurant where our chefs serve you comforting dishes, each made to order. Small hotels are truly your home away from home. Learn more from the Owner, Bud Hansen III.


The major hotel chains like Marriot, Hilton, and Hyatt have endless budgets for infrastructure, renovations, and innovation. You’ll oftentimes find them in high rises, smack dab in the city hustle and bustle. Corporate groups, wedding parties, and families might find themselves searching for hotels on the outskirts of the madness with free parking, free wifi, and open air to spread out and breathe. Do you prefer the convenience of a small scale one-stop shop or the predictable nature of a big hotel chain? The choice is yours to decide.


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