“Weatherproof” Your Outdoor Events at Philadelphia’s Largest Outdoor Venues!

Planning outdoor events can be tricky, especially when you think you can outsmart Mother Nature. Many companies, charities, even families plan their events in the summer because it’s a more relaxed time of year, rates tend to be more affordable, and entertainment options are limitless in the great outdoors. There’s nothing like breathing in the fresh air, however it’s not so pleasant when there is a thunderstorm and the temperature is over 100 degrees! So how do you “weatherproof” your event? The following five tips will help you choose a property in Montgomery County that has a nice balance of outdoor “green” space, and indoor banquet and restaurant space to accommodate your group indoors

"Groovy" Corporate Retreats for Millennials

Stop trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Not all meetings are created alike and certainly not all audiences are either. When it comes to bringing your workforce together for a meeting, conference, or retreat, you need to step back and assess exactly what makes your audience tick, especially if they are primarily millennials. Call it “hip”, “with it”, or “groovy”, there is a certain vibe that a planner needs to establish to get the most out of their meeting. So how do you find the right vibe? Here are five great “vibe sensors” that will make you a hero with your boss as well as your audience. Find that Perfect Third Place Not all conference centers have a unique personality so fin

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