Why Breakfast Meetings are the New Lunch Meetings

Professionals are early risers and prefer to get their meetings out of the way before the tsunami wave of e mails takes over their inbox. It’s time to switch things up and swap the mid day lunch meeting for an early day alternative… “Breakfast for Business”. Here are five “wake up calls” to ensure less scheduling conflicts and better productivity: 1. Time is money. Let’s face it; attention spans are short these days. The majority of agendas can be covered in an hour, and we found that breakfast meetings are often run more efficiently than lunch meetings. This seemingly universal understanding typically leads to better attendance, because your guests know that they can get in and out and

Woodstock 2018: A Craft Beer Fest

Back in the late ‘60’s, “hippies” gathered at Yasgur’s Dairy Farm for a weekend of peace, love, and Woodstock. On Thursday, June 14, 2018 hundreds will gather at Normandy Farm (once America’s largest dairy farm) to relive this historic festival. As you pick up your friends in your VW minibus, make sure that the Grateful Dead is blaring through your speakers so everyone knows that you’ve arrived at the farm. All of your senses are ignited as you enter the Groove & Graze Beer Fest. Smoke is wafting in the air from the barbeque pits and smokehouse station powered by Whole Foods Market. The seafood bar’s aroma teases you like you were already at the beach, while the soup and salad bar is as

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