Normandy Farm is Hiring a Diverse Workforce Committed to a World Class Guest Experience

Normandy Farm is the proverbial melting pot with an estimated 28 countries represented. So how does that translate in to a world class hospitality experience for our guests? 1. There’s an inquisitive nature of hospitality professionals to learn about diverse cultures and how to make our guest’s experience comfortable with an American twist. “Mi casa, su casa”, or in English “My house is your house”. Many hospitality workers are also migrants, so the chances of you hiring a staff member from a different culture are high. There may be language barriers to overcome, but the most important element is the attitude and respect you have towards each other. 2. The art of entertaining has been defin

Starting to Plan Your Wedding? The Normandy Farm Wedding Checklist Offers a Seamless Planning Timeli

Congratulations, you’re engaged! Now, where to begin? With the seemingly endless amount of resources at your fingertips, paired with family and friends’ heartfelt recommendations, the planning process can prove to be quite overwhelming at times. But with a clear-cut checklist to keep you on track, you can walk down the aisle knowing you’re entering the next chapter of your life with a celebration that your guests will be talking about for years to come. Budget, Guest List, and Venue You may have heard that you can’t begin planning all the details for your wedding until you secure your venue, but in order to start the venue search, a budget and guest list need to be finalized. While it’s p

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