It’s Happy Hour for Craft Distillers

Normandy Farm’s third and final luxury barbeque of the season, Gatsby-Q, celebrates the big band sound of the 20’s, along with our passion for craft distilled spirits. For the first time since Al Capone and other 1920’s bootleggers cooked bathtub gin for corner speakeasies, small distilleries in our area like Bluecoat, Dad’s Hat, Stateside, and Haymaker Meadery are roaring back. Every one of these craft distillers has a story - some based on American history, some from family memories, and others simply from the love and appreciation for wholesome ingredients. Share in their stories at our summer’s grand finale. Bluecoat is a purist when it comes to distilling spirits… gin. Bluecoat Amer

Did You Ever Wonder Where the Term “Christmas in July” Came From?

Let’s face it…we all know that Christmas is in December so what marketing guru thought up the idea to celebrate Christmas in July? Actually, it was retailers in North America who were looking for a clever way to satisfy our craving for cooler weather during the hottest month of the year, while offering great deals, festivities, and a reason for the season! Another, more believable, definition also has to do with the weather. When it’s summer in America it’s winter in Australia. Since Christmas and winter/snow is synonymous, Australians have a Christmas-like celebration in July, hence the term At Normandy Farm, we have added our own creative twist to “Christmas in July” that we affectiona

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