It's “Survival of the Fastest" in the World of Corporate Events

Planners Seek out "Cheetahs," not Sloths. The one thing that you can’t buy is time, yet that happens to be one of the most precious commodities to planners. No matter what they do, they can never get enough of it. The speed of a Cheetah comes to mind when debating the topic. It is the fastest land animal and goes from 0 to 40 mph in three strides. With that said, it should never take three days to respond to an RFP. While Cheetahs are quick to get the job done, sloths move slower than any other animal on earth. Slide over sloths, there is absolutely no place for you in the planning process. Planners want information now. Why such a sense of urgency? Out of hundreds of other professions

10 Tips for Executive Administrative Professionals Who Want to Rock the World of Meeting Planning

Talk about a professional that has been “re-invented” over the past several decades! Today's admin professionals are highly educated, highly skilled, and often manage all of the essential departments of the office. Our “mature admins” recall the importance of “soft skills” and would often be evaluated on appearance (dresses with nylons and heels), well-modulated voices, with little potential for promotion. At present, most administrative professions have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree and the expectations for young newcomers to the field often include HR functions, social media, office operations, and event planning. Admin professionals are always eager to learn something new, master t

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