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Tesla Charging Stations at Normandy Farm

The relationship with Normandy Farm, where Tesla Motors recently installed two Destination Charging High Power Wall Connector charging stations, about a month prior to conducting the test drives, began with Normandy’s electrician.

“We’ve been in this process to become the farm of the future, if you will,” explained Gary Murray, Normandy Farm’s director of sales and marketing. “We’ve been switching the light bulbs over to energy-efficient, and at some point you might see some solar panels on the roof. When Eric suggested we look into having the charging stations we thought we might as well be supporting these electric vehicles. We’ve been seeing more and more of them coming to the property and we had no resource for them.”

After reaching out to Tesla Motors, Normandy Farm became the first hotel resort in the area to embrace the future ahead of the crowd by installing the Tesla charging stations.

The hotel also offers two universal charging stations.

“As the world switches to electric cars, which is happening, you’re going to wish you would have started this project long ago rather than playing catchup,” Murray said. “From my office window I see at least five Teslas pull in every day, and this is an amenity we can now offer all those who come here to stay, or for a conference or to the restaurant.” Read Full Article Here. By Gary Puleo, The Times Herald


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