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Creating Positive, Indelible Impressions, One Meeting at a Time

Your off-site company meeting has commenced and everyone is packing up their belongings, checking their phone for messages, and bidding farewell to their colleagues. Did you accomplish your meeting goals and objectives? Did you create positive indelible impressions that will live on long after the meeting is over? At Normandy Farm Hotel and Conference Center, we partner with you to host meetings… you plan the information and content, and we do the rest!

Off-site, face-to-face meetings will never go out of style because the results are so impactful. Our dedicated meeting planning team puts themselves in your attendee’s seat to make sure that each and every person’s experience is maximized. We literally put ourselves in your seat as our IACC certified conference center offers modern, ergonomic chairs! We provide fresh, farm–to-table menus to fuel your body and mind. Natural light in all conference rooms keeps our guests alert and engaged (with a little help from Mother Nature!) One size does not fit all, especially with room sizes so we offer a variety of different shapes and sizes to maximize teamwork and communication while you are meeting.

Managing your meeting budget is extremely important so we have developed a very simple package to keep your costs in line. We refer to this as our Daily Meeting Package, or DMP. In lieu of “a la carte” pricing, we have established a per person price, including gratuity, so your budget is your budget!! DMP pricing includes your standard meeting room, standard AV package, hot breakfast and lunch buffets (farm to table cuisine), am and pm breaks, and all day hot and cold beverages. We’ve got all of your needs covered each day, in every way.

So how do you measure the success of a meeting? Using your yard stick, did you meet your objectives with regard to content, engagement, creativity, and productivity? Looking through our lens, we measure success by creating a “positive, indelible impression” for you and your attendees and you want to come back again.

Luxurious off-site meetings at affordable prices are awaiting you at Normandy Farm Hotel and Conference Center in 2018!

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