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Why Breakfast Meetings are the New Lunch Meetings

Professionals are early risers and prefer to get their meetings out of the way before the tsunami wave of e mails takes over their inbox. It’s time to switch things up and swap the mid day lunch meeting for an early day alternative… “Breakfast for Business”.

Here are five “wake up calls” to ensure less scheduling conflicts and better productivity:

1. Time is money. Let’s face it; attention spans are short these days. The majority of agendas can be covered in an hour, and we found that breakfast meetings are often run more efficiently than lunch meetings. This seemingly universal understanding typically leads to better attendance, because your guests know that they can get in and out and get back to work.

2. Do not disturb. Montgomery County venues that host breakfast meetings on a regular basis are skilled at having their servers present only when needed and give you privacy so you can take care of business. This may be as simple as providing piping hot coffee in pitchers at each table or setting up a breakfast buffet outside of the room as not to interrupt the meeting agenda.

3. Bacon and Eggs. One plated breakfast menu rarely fits all, so planners often opt for a breakfast buffet for both speeds of service and variety. In addition to breakfast staples like bacon and eggs, your event staff can help you select a menu with healthy options that fuel the body and the mind. After all, you are serving the first (and most important) meal of the day!

4. Beat the Rush. As the breakfast meeting trend takes off, you have the luxury of being on the cutting edge. It is likely that you will have the place all to yourself first thing in the morning and most likely 100% of the staff’s attention.

5. Budget Friendly. Breakfast meetings present much more budget friendly meal options because food cost for standard breakfast items are often the most affordable. If you want to maximize your bang for your buck, consider the continental breakfast with pastries, bagels, fruit, juices, and coffee. Full service properties also include a full hot breakfast buffet that includes a selection of eggs, breakfast meats, pancakes, French toast, potatoes, fruit, and beverages.


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