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Winter Weddings: Why The Reward Outweighs the Risk

Here if it snows it doesn't matter, because getting snowed in together is part of the joy of the winter wedding experience. Once your car is parked, you can unpack for the weekend full of festivities. Are you not convinced yet? Well, we interviewed our 2022 winter bride, Lauren, to share just a few of her reasons for (choosing) the season.

Get in the spirit!

Lauren and her husband, Keith incorporated almost all elements of winter into their theme. "Myself and my bridesmaids wore faux furs. The girls wore maroon gowns and the groomsmen wore navy suits with maroon ties. Our invitations and wedding signage were Christmas/winter themed, and the bouquets featured maroon and white flowers with pinecones, cranberries and evergreen, which I loved. Also our signature drink was a poinsettia!"

It's the most economic time of the year...

"Keith and I chose the winter for our wedding because we loved the simplicity and affordability of the simple elegance package. It felt like we could still have the wedding we envisioned at an affordable price at Normandy Farm." Lauren and Keith first visited the property around Christmas time and loved how it was decorated for the holiday season. "We knew how amazing it would look with all of the Christmas trees and lights throughout the property."

Added bonus: Vendors offer deep discounts over the winter months. Book the entertainment, florals, and décor you love at a price you'll love even more...

Did we mention you never have to leave the property?

"The day goes by so fast, so it was nice to have that extra time with our friends and family. Keith and I hosted an after-party at the farmer's daughter bar. We ordered food, had a few more drinks and got to hang out. It was a relief to not worry about calling Ubers to get from one destination to the next, and having everything in one place. Many of our guests stayed in the hotel, so it was convenient to wake up the following morning, all eat breakfast together, and reminisce about the day before.

There's no place like the Farm for the holidays.

Our gorgeous grounds make for an enchanted backdrop and your snowy photos to commemorate the day are truly unique. Lauren commented, "What I loved most about having our winter wedding at Normandy was the atmosphere and venue. The beautiful lights, Christmas trees and decorations throughout the property were perfect. It really tied into the theme and made our wedding feel even more magical.

Okay, you're convinced! Now what? Ask about our available dates in December - March 2023-2024. Whether you envision a Friday or a Tuesday, daytime, or night time, we have great dates to choose from for the winter wedding of your dreams. Inquire today at


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