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Why Teambuilding is the Most Important Investment This Year

The truth about Teambuilding... When Employees hear the word teambuilding, most roll their eyes and dread awkward ice breakers while brainstorming excuses to bail. Teambuilding has a bad reputation, but we’re about to change that. It’s a priceless investment for owners and managers as workplace trust and communication can make or break the business. Effective teambuilding can extinguish tension and stimulate success. We're here to show you why it should be a priority in the workflow.

Our team puts every teambuilding activity to test internally. Not only can we elaborate the full experience in the sales process, we’re proof that it works. We'll nail down the event that best fits your needs, goals, and guest count. As a “Top 10 Family Owned Business", named by the Philadelphia Business Journal, learn from the experts how to plan a top-notch teambuilding:

Don’t incorporate work stuff Successful events shouldn’t feel like your average workday. If an employee feels like it’s an extension of work, they’re less likely to take away the valuable lessons. The whole point of teambuilding is to stray away from the usual office talk. These activities allow co-workers to bond organically, which then carries over to daily work exchanges.

Go outside the comfort zone

Now, we don't mean "outside," literally. Yes, the usual company picnic gets the job done, but is that the goal? Don't take the easy way out. Our teambuilding menu offers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities. Take a trip to Kindle Hill Foundation for Equine Assisted Learning with the masters of leadership and teambuilding themselves - horses. Reserve a cozy space within the rustic restaurant for a therapeutic terrarium-making workshop. Solve a murder mystery with your team while playing a role in in the cast and dine on our award winning chef's culinary creations. Other popular events include: Cooking for a Cause, Golf, Axe Throwing, and Wellness initiatives.

Please note: We're adding NEW team building options for 2022! Stay tuned.

Partnership without the price tag

You don't have to break the bank on fancy trips and experiences. Save on the flights and transportation; Blue Bell is located right here in your backyard, offering a one stop shop for meeting, dining, teambuilding, and overnight accommodations. In addition to our popular Daily Meeting Packages, we offer all-inclusive teambuildings with open bar, farm bites menu, and dessert. Need we say more? You can go above and beyond without betting the farm.

It's not what happens during, but after

Keep the momentum going. Many teambuildings fall flat because they're one and done. Employees will leave feeling appreciated and encouraged and you'll want to continue the good vibes throughout the year. How do you know if the event was a fit for the group? If there was laughter, sharing office stories, and a post or two on social media, you're right on track! Add a new skill or thrill to the agenda each quarter to keep spirits high and surpass goals.


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