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Why should you book your DREAM wedding this summer?

Let’s set the scene.  

Last weekend your significant other got down on one knee and asked the question “will you marry me?” You said yes and now you get to call each other your fiancés while planning the special day that will mark the rest of your lives together.  

As a couple you both are so excited to be newlyweds. Over dinner one night at the Farmer's Daughter Restaurant you are talking about your wedding day, as most recently engaged couples do, and your server overhears and next thing you know you are touring the property at Normandy Farm Hotel & Conference Center.  

Short Term Bookings 

Short engagements have been trending this year and there are many benefits that come along with it. A blog post written by Forever and Company says “A shorter engagement means the excitement of the engagement is still new, and often the “glow” carries you throughout the entire planning process and all the way to the big day.” 


One Stop Shop 

Let’s be honest, some of us have been dreaming of our wedding day since we could walk but some of us just aren’t really planners. Normandy Farm Hotel & Conference Center is known as being a one stop shop, so after booking with us our talented wedding planners will help do the rest. Of course, you will have the opportunity to book a hotel room block on site with us, but we have a variety of on-site vendors to provide ease throughout the wedding planning process.   

Photography? Consider Tyler Boye & Hitched Productions your answer. The studio is on the hotel's bottom floor, and the team of talented photographers are sure to have the style you are looking for.  

Flowers? Willow & Thistle is located in one of the original cottages on the property and our floral designers are knowledgeable about all things trending in florals. 

Pre Wedding-Functions? The Farmer’s Daughter Restaurant is nestled in the heart of the hotel and makes for the ideal location to have your rehearsal dinner.  

To top that, the bar also makes for the perfect setting to continue the party after the wedding. Our restaurant sales manager is happy to assist in planning pre and post wedding festivities.  

Farm Charm Isn’t For You?  

Our sister property, the Belle at Blue Bell Country Club, is just across the street (we’ll even provide shuttle service) and is in a gorgeous and elegant setting. You will have all the same offerings but with a different backdrop. During the summer months, the golf course is vivid green and will complement the decor and brighten up all your photos.  

Are you ready to say “I do”? 

As a recently engaged couple you may be asking yourselves “why wait? Let's get married now!” But we recognize that that can also sound intimidating, so we are extending a warm welcome to visit the Farm and “I do”, we’ll worry about all the details.  

Inquire about booking by contacting, your dream wedding could be just months away! 



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