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Redefine Corporate Retreats with Normandy Farm Hotel

The importance of meeting in person has become obvious over the past few years, and while returning to the office is normal again, a new work environment can influence productivity immensely. Getting out of the office and into a different environment can help employees in a variety of ways such as networking with other professionals, boosting creativity, and even bonding over food.


When booking your corporate retreat at Normandy Farm Hotel & Conference center you are given the ability to have an all-inclusive experience. Our team of event planners and sales managers work with you leading up to your event with us to ensure that once you come inside the white walls there is nothing left to worry about or plan. You are able to book conference rooms, dining spaces, and even a hotel room block so you can take the elevator home at the end of the day.

Meeting Spaces

Networking Opportunities

It can be difficult to get to know those who you work with when stuck in an office all day and often you may not know much about those who work right down the hall from you. When given the opportunity to participate in a corporate retreat employees are able to build relationships and network with fellow employees. Most business professionals know the value of networking and building connections within their industry because let’s be honest, it is all about who you know.

Farm to Table Dining

Whether you choose to have a working lunch in the Conference Center, a happy hour at the end of the day, a five-course private dinner or better yet all of the above, we have you covered! The Farmer’s Daughter restaurant is a cozy farm-to-table restaurant that offers healthy and satisfying food options. The staff creates a personalized experience for each guest or large group while accommodating to the needs of each guest.

Farm-To-Table Cooking at The Farmer's Daughter

Outdoor Spaces

Getting outside during the workday can be beneficial in a variety of different ways. According to an article written by Indeed some of the most common benefits of working outdoors can include and an increase in happiness and mood, and improved energy levels. The article also explains the physical effects of working outdoors such as resting the eyes and brain as well as the vitamin D created by the sun.

BBQ on the Terrace


Corporate retreats aren’t meant to be all work and no play. Teambuilding offerings can be a deciding factor because success stems from breaking barriers while decompressing. When planning a corporate retreat think about how teambuilding can fit within your organization. Options include; culinary lessons, mixology, murder mystery themed dinner and so much more!

Culinary Teambuilding

Corporate retreats should be a necessary part of every company. Employees can engage with one another while getting to know and understand the leaders within the organization better. Inquire about booking your next corporate getaway with Normandy Farms Hotel and Conference Center by emailing


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