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Meet Safely and Successfully in the Contemporary World

“Safety first!” has taken on a new meaning this year. Upon entering a business meeting or community gathering, Covid protocols are at the top of the agenda. For some time now, in the corporate world, business leaders have come to recognize the value of in-person interaction: the shaking of hands, natural conversation, ability to read body language. Face-to-face events are picking up steam across the country and around the world and studies show that while we're not back to the 2019 routine, employees are eager to attend off-site meetings again. Don’t get left behind.

Today, while there are concerns with the new variant, there is greater willingness to travel, and studies show that travel and meeting in a professional conference setting, is incredibly safe. In fact, it is safer than daily activities such as making a trip to the grocery store. Here’s why:

Professional conferences and events are conducted under controlled environments to ensure safety and health of attendees

  • Meeting and event spaces go above and beyond to create structured environments and agendas when planning small and large gatherings.

  • Mitigation strategies can be enforced, including masks, physical distancing, disinfecting surfaces, proper ventilation and airflow, and symptom screening.

  • Venues are extremely flexible with seating, scheduling, and food presentation to create less traffic, accommodate guest comfort levels, provide cleaning breaks, outdoor activities, individually packed snacks or to-go meals, and much more.

Those traveling for business related functions are more likely to be vaccinated

  • According to Destination Analysts, 78% of Americans who have traveled for business in the last two years have been vaccinated.

  • Attendees interested to attend meetings and events also fall under the high vaccination rate.

  • Meeting planners are leading by example as nearly nine in 10 planners and suppliers are vaccinated as cited in PCMA’s June COVID-19 Recovery Dashboard.

Business travelers and corporate planners want to get back on the road

  • As of the latest Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) member poll, “willingness to travel for business is holding steady with more than three-quarters (77%) willing to travel in the current environment.”

  • Our brains need breaks from virtual meetings. Travel and face-to-face interaction is more motivating, focused, and more productive in general.

Air Travel is safe.

  • The threat of an infected passenger transmitting the virus is minimal at 1 out of 1 million. (The Aerospace and International Airline Medical Association)

  • Airplanes have systems already in place to ensure passengers are breathing clean, filtered air. They use the same circulation filters in hospital operating rooms. Not to mention, the best disinfecting cleaning products are used throughout the cabins and flight deck.

  • TSA has extended the mask mandate through January, 2022. Studies show that community mask wearing substantially reduces transmission of respiratory infections.

Over the past year or so, Normandy Farm and sister property, The Belle, has adapted to accommodate corporate functions of all sizes, agendas, constraints, etc. Teams have reconvened onsite to conduct meetings, re-build bonds, celebrate milestones, dine, or simply catch up. Our team of experienced meeting coordinators have met all protocols to ensure the comfort, safety, and productivity of your group. Don’t hesitate to send us a message to discuss your vision for your next meeting.

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