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A Bright IDEA For Those Seeking Philadelphia Hospitality Jobs

Great guest experiences start with exceptional employees.

We are firm believers that employees perform their best when they are happy and feel connected to one another. Our culture of family spills over into every guest interaction, as we view the guests at our properties as guests in our home; And internally, we are co-workers, friends, family, and a team. We’re not only here to prove it, but invite you on board.

“Running a small business is amazing. We have about 450 employees between Normandy Farm Hotel and Blue Bell Country Club. Their families rely on us. Inside and outside, we designed the properties to feel like home. My mother and father were very influential in that area. They wanted to make it homey and make every person who walks in our doors feel comfortable. We are here to empower one another, and we are in this for the long haul.” - Bud Hansen, President

The grounds date back to the early 1700’s and it all started with a simple idea. Today the award-winning venues have created countless memories. It’s the people at the forefront, behind the scenes, and at the core of the operation that truly make the experiences exceptional.

It all starts with an IDEA.

INNOVATION in our products.

We are committed to being a work in progress. Between Normandy Farm and Blue Bell Country Club, we are constantly evaluating what makes our customer tick and how we improve upon an already successful product to make every experience better. Whether you’re skilled in grounds keeping, bartending, golf operations, culinary arts, banquet set-up, conference management, etc. we invite you to strive to meet and exceed expectations with every product you create and service you offer.

Pastry Chef, Antoine, melting chocolate for a gluten free chocolate cake to serve for a special event.

DIVERSITY in our process.

Every culture, country and individual has a fresh perspective to bring to the Hansen Properties table. The celebration of different backgrounds is how we foster an environment where every employee is encouraged to contribute freely and feel as if growth is limitless. Our inclusive atmosphere of staff from over 20 different countries allows all members of the team to mutually respect and trust one another. We respect our co-workers and our environment, and we win as a team.

The Farmer's Daughter Hostess , Tabitha, pleasantly welcoming guests to dine with us.

EXCEPTIONALISM is what we strive for.

Hospitality is a noble profession, and when each team member commits to bringing their best to each guest experience, the resulting success is empowering! We constantly evaluate every element of our service and look for new ways to evolve the guest experience. Focusing on the finer details is how we consistently satisfy our most discerning customers.

Front Office Manager, Erica, welcoming our guest with a smile.

AUTHENTICITY is at our core.

We are unscripted by design, focusing on authentically hospitable interactions. The Hansen DNA is a culture that makes assessments on the fly that elevate each individual’s experience not with rehearsed language but rather genuine service. This not only extends externally, but internally. It’s important that every employees voice be heard and understood. We welcome your IDEAS and we welcome YOU to join our team.

Monica and Elba, our Housekeeping Supervisor and team, creating a clean environment for our guests.

Applicants with experience working for first-class hospitality organizations strongly considered. Open positions include:

Hotel Front Desk Supervisor, Front Desk Agents, Shuttle Driver/Bellman, Banquet Captain, Banquet Bartenders, Banquet Servers, Banquet Set-Up, Bridal Attendants, Restaurant Host/Hostess, Restaurant Servers, Food Runners, Pastry Prep Cook, Salad Cooks, Restaurant Line Cooks, Banquet Line Cooks, Junior Sous Chef – Restaurant, Junior Sous Chef – Banquets, Steward Supervisor, Dishwashers, Conference Attendants, Snack Bar Attendants, Grounds Crew, Golf Operations, Hotel Maintenance Technician, Housekeeping Supervisor, Housekeepers - Hotel Rooms, Public Areas Housekeeping, Laundry Attendants

Please fill out the job application and send your resume via If you have any questions, please email Human Resources:

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