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When it Comes to Conflict in the Workplace it’s Best to Go On the Attack

You mean that you are not one big happy family in the office? Conflict in the workplace takes up more time than you think. CPP Inc. sites that U.S. employees spend 2.1 hours per week involved in conflict or “any workplace disagreement that disrupts the flow of work”. This does not mean that everyone is fighting but statistically, there is certainly room to create a more harmonious environment. 85% of all employees deal with conflict on some level, 12% say they frequently witness conflict among the senior team, and 49% of conflict is a result of personality clashes.

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Let’s imagine that you could have one big “kumbaya” session that would result in a more aligned and cohesive team. Experts suggest that these meetings be hosted off site, away from the office and without distractions. At Normandy Farm Hotel & Conference Center in Blue Bell, Pa., executive teams enjoy the privacy of our historic property, with all the comforts of home, under one roof. Evan Marcus, President of Dillon Marcus Executive Retreats, states that properties like Normandy Farm Hotel are the perfect setting to relax, realign, and learn how to be functional at a world class level. Evan’s clients have found that Culinary Teambuilding is perfect for executives as they learn to exercise different “muscles” while learning to work as a cohesive team.

Shelley O’Donovan, CEO of The Authentic Influence Group, believes in the importance of meeting in a central location to ensure that no one has the home turf advantage. O’Donovan’s approach is highly customized to include conflict resolution. She has experienced a great deal of success with game show teambuilding activities specifically. Shelley works hand-in-hand with the client as well as the event planner to design specific game show questions that address differences of opinion and personality types; all interwoven with company initiatives.

Michael Lyons, Professional Speaker and Author suggests that teams “take off their boxing gloves and treat each other with dignity and respect.” He adds, “there’s something about being at your third place; not your office and not your home, but that special place in the middle that levels the playing field for open and honest dialogue.” Introduce the element of fun and laughter, often associated with an “out the box” teambuilding events, and you’ll be amazed how quickly conflict converts to camaraderie.

In conclusion, Can We All Just Get Along? I propose that you think about your colleagues as a football team. Your opponents may be the first-round picks, with the best raw talent, but each man is out for himself, turning a deaf ear to the coach, and are a bunch of underachievers. On the other hand, your team is emotionally and physically fit, collaborates on their game plan, and trusts their coach to lead them to victory. Each of us spend an average of 40 – 45 hours per week at work, playing on the same team. It’s hard enough to beat the competition. Why would you continue to fight with players on your own team?

Located just 25 minutes from Center City Philadelphia and situated in the heart of Blue Bell, Pa.,Normandy Farm Hotel and Conference Center is more than a meticulously restored American landmark—it's a fully wired, high-tech hospitality venue. Relax on our grand terrace, sip a cocktail in America's oldest silo, play a challenging game of golf on our championship course, plan an event with us or dine on our delectable farm-to-table cuisine. It all adds up to One Historic Experience.

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