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A Snapshot of Tyler Boye Photography (With a Little Hollywood Flash!)

You’re the star of your enchanting day and you want perfection. Orchestrating your special day just got easier at Normandy Farm—where we consider ourselves a one-stop shop for everything you need to envision your celebration of a lifetime.

Our on-site professionals at Tyler Boye Photography will work with you to create the most memorable moments tailored specifically for your wedding. Having shot celebrity-filled events such as Vanity Fair, the Oscars, the Golden Globes and InStyle in the past, our team of professionals can give you the Hollywood treatment you deserve.

We interviewed owner/photographer Tyler Boye to discover a bit about the man behind the lens and to also reveal some of the personal flair that elevates his work to stand out from the crowd.

Q. Why do you love this business so much and how and when did you get started?

Tyler: I started shooting weddings 17 years ago when my girlfriend, Stephanie, now my wife, asked me to join her in Las Vegas for a wedding convention. I could have cared less about weddings but I wanted to go along for the ride. Within one year, I was shooting weddings for my fashion clients and friends in Los Angeles. I found that there was something so much more gratifying about weddings than fashion. There was no one unhappy on this day—it was all about LOVE. What I enjoy the most about weddings is that I am able to spend the most seminal moment in a family's life with them and their loved ones. There is nothing but happiness and joy.

Q. In one sentence, define your philosophy on the perfect shot.

Tyler: The perfect shot requires perfect light, composition, creativity and, of course, the beauty of the couple.

Q. How important is authenticity in your work?

Tyler: Organic moments caught on film have the ability to move the casual viewer to tears and bring the subject of the photo right back to that specific moment in time, with all the emotion that surrounded it. Photojournalism is an art that is essential in great wedding story-telling. At our studio, we strive to create great moments (high emotion, great location) and to capture all that unfolds before my camera. But I know all great wedding galleries also need to have beautiful portraits that capture this special moment in time. I try to accomplish this with every wedding— having the right balance of photojournalistic photos as well as gorgeous portraits and orchestrated events.

Q. What other services do you offer in addition to straight-up photography?

Tyler: Our studio has grown in the last seven years from photography to a great team of videographers and DJs. These were sort of organic out-shoots of what we do. Clients typically book a photographer 12 months out, but videographers and DJs closer to the date. Customers have almost always wanted our opinion. We have the privilege of being a part of 150-plus weddings per year so we see what goes right and what goes wrong. We have great insight on how a great DJ can make or break your party. Videographers and photographers act out a delicate dance during a wedding; they need to work in tandem. Since my background is in filmmaking and I knew so many people in the industry, I decided to create a video division that followed our photography vision. I am always trying to push beyond the expectations and previous work I have done to create something you would find in your favorite magazine. That is the goal for us. That is the goal for our videographers, as well. DJs need to lay down a great sound and keep the party going.

Q. Tell us a bit about your team.

Tyler: Our team is a very happy little family with 7 photographers, 4 videographers, 3 DJs, Photo Booth photographers, in-house editor, 2 saleswomen and a production manager. We keep it small. We love everyone. We feel blessed to have a team of dedicated and hardworking artists who really love to make clients happy.

Q. How important is understanding interfaith, intercultural and same-sex wedding ceremonies?

Tyler: I have been shooting weddings for a long time. I have seen it all. I have shot interfaith, intercultural, same-sex, Hindu, Jewish, Catholic, Vietnamese, Chinese and Orthodox, to name a few. I believe the most important thing to remember is essentially they are all the same. A ceremony celebrates love and regardless of faith or nationality there really is not too much difference. There is a coming together, a leaving of one life and moving to another and a vow. Those elements are just expressed in different ways but always the same intention. My job is to capture that celebration and commitment. What helps a lot is our preproduction. We do a lot of work with the couple before the day to eliminate any surprises and do our best to anticipate how it will all unfold. You can see in all of our reviews, the clients rave about Staci and our preproduction process that gives them a great level of comfort the day of their wedding.

Q. Give us your top three tips for hair and makeup for wedding day shots.


[if !supportLists]● [endif]Don’t cover your face. Hair hanging in front of the face or the side that will be facing the audience during the ceremony should be kept clean.

[if !supportLists]● [endif]Make sure you have a makeup trial. You need to feel comfortable in your skin that day.

[if !supportLists]● [endif]Hair and makeup should always make the eyes pop.

Q. You’ve been involved in the Golden Globes, Vanity Fair and other high-end events. Tell us about a favorite event that was the most challenging.

Tyler: Red Carpet at the Oscars is extremely stressful. A wedding is literally a piece of cake. At the Oscars, there are 50 photographers smushed into a 20x20 box, crammed in like sardines. All screaming for the attention of the stars and seriously irritable from being pent up for five hours prior to any star's arrival. A-list celebrities don't always stop and you only have nanoseconds to get a great shot or there is no next year at the Oscars.

Q. Any favorite venues you’ve shot at and any that you’d like to shoot in the future?

Tyler: Favorite venues are definitely Normandy Farm and Blue Bell Country Club, of course.

Q. Why do you consider Normandy Farm a great place to shoot?


[if !supportLists]● [endif]The white walls present a clean backdrop.

[if !supportLists]● [endif]Our familiarity with the area, including parks and farms.

[if !supportLists]● [endif]There are many creative locations within the property for photo backdrops.

[if !supportLists]● [endif]There are fantastic bridal suites.

[if !supportLists]● [endif]We have such a great relationship with the amazing staff.

Take a peek at Tyler Photography’s award-winning portfolio of photography here, then contact the studio at (215) 616-8410 to schedule your appointment.

Follow Tyler Boye Photography on Facebook and Instagram and blog for up-to-date information and special events.

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