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Bed Bugs Are No Laughing Matter—Prevention Is Our Top Priority

According to the Centers for Disease Control, bed bugs are a worldwide problem that continue to resurge, causing property loss, unnecessary expense and inconvenience, not to mention a nasty bite (or six). The good news is that bed bugs do not transmit disease and their presence can be prevented. The best way to keep these pesky insects at bay is through thorough, timely inspections for signs of an infestation.

Here at Normandy Farm, we take the process of bed bug prevention very seriously. Our inspection process is multi-level, intense, intelligent and comprehensive. You are our top priority!

HR Corporate Culture Director Keisha Ortiz explains, “We have always been consistent in preparing and maintaining the comfort and integrity of our rooms here at Normandy Farm, but with the advent of more national and international travelers enjoying our hotel, we follow strict procedures that specifically address bed bugs.”

We take these steps to ensure your stay is perfect:

1. Daily bed linen changes by housekeeping staff. Everything is laundered in 180 degree water.

2. Mattress and boxspring rotation is done every quarter by housekeeping as part of inspection.

3. A hired company of licensed pest control technicians thoroughly inspects 10 random rooms every two weeks. They also conduct additional training for housekeeping staff on how to see signs of infestation and what to do next.

4. The hired company also conducts quarterly canine sniffing of every single room. The dogs are trained to locate traces of bed bugs (and other pests) in box springs, furniture, closets, carpet, upholstery and even wallpaper.

Keisha shares, “We take bed bug infestation very seriously and have monitored our guest rooms since we've been open. The canine sniffing program we’ve added within the last four years is costly, but we consider this going the extra mile that many hotels don't. Plus, our guests love seeing our certification of being bed bug free.”

Since we also believe in keeping you—our traveling community—informed, here is an additional tool for you to use to check any national hotel destination for known bedbug incidences:

No one wants to discuss bed bugs as part of any travel experience, but it's a very real concern to be addressed in the hotel and travel industry. That being said, it is our pleasure to make sure your stay with us is enjoyable and goes off without a hitch. (On a somewhat related note, our mattress comfort is rated number one by visiting guests!) Contact us for reservations.

Located just 25 minutes from Center City Philadelphia and situated in the heart of Blue Bell, Pa., Normandy Farm Hotel and Conference Center is more than a meticulously restored American landmark—it's a fully wired, high-tech hospitality venue. Relax on our grand terrace, sip a cocktail in America's oldest silo, play a challenging game of golf on our championship course, plan an event with us or dine on our delectable farm-to-table cuisine. It all adds up to One Historic Experience.


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