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Why You Should Celebrate the Holidays at Normandy Farm

It’s all about tradition this time of year—the sound of a crackling fireplace, festive holiday music and decor, the joviality of family and friends and the sharing of stories around a candlelit table filled with joy, love and of course exceptionally presented cuisine.

Laugh. Reminisce. Dream. Celebrate. Create new memories and traditions asNormandy Farm Hotel and Conference Center once again hosts its annual spectacular seasonal evenings of dining and merriment in the rustic-chic farmer’s daughter restaurant.

“Every year, we anticipate playing a part in creating joyous holiday experiences,” beams Tina Bittner, restaurant operations manager. “It’s always so rewarding to see those who have attended in previous years, as well as seeing the enjoyment of those who are spending their first time with us. Every year the restaurant is filled with the electricity of happy people, great food, good energy and the spirit of the season.”

With several seats to choose from, come enjoy a more intimate dinner affair in the smaller “Orchard” or “Wine” rooms. Or gather a larger group for an enviable feast in the “Dowry” or “Main” dining rooms. Join family and friends next to one of the many personally detailed Christmas trees and anticipate the season at this Blue Bell mainstay.

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