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your guide to wedding planning

Thank you so much for choosing us for your special day! Our fabulous Event Planning team has compiled these documents for you to keep everything in one place. Scroll to review a Wedding Planner Packet, linen samples, signature drink favorites, photo inspiration, and more to help you plan the day of your dreams, without forgetting the most important details!


Keep in mind, this is meant only as a general guideline and there will surely be additional steps unique to your wedding!

Event Planner Packet

This comprehensive packet outlines the wedding planning timeline, hotel information, ceremony rehearsals, hospitality room, details about final counts & final payments and all other information you will need during the planning process.

Wedding Linens

At the end of the day, choosing the best wedding linen color for your table will depend on your wedding theme, florals, decor, venue, and personal taste! In taking into account these variables, you can't go wrong! Click the link below to review our linen options.

Signature Drink

Read on for our tips to choosing the perfect signature drink:

  • Keep it simple to avoid lines and keep your guests up and dancing!

  • Personalize it and choose something that you like to drink.

  • Keep it seasonal: Fresh and light for spring and summer or warm and comforting for fall or spring!

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