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Gatsby-Q | Summer’s Roaring Grand Finale is Set to Stimulate Your Senses at Normandy Farm

Experience this…

The roaring 20’s were known as the greatest, gaudiest spree in history as Americans lived under the influence of Prohibition. Party until the sun goes down at our outdoor speakeasy, complete with local distilleries sampling their artisan spirits. Go back in time with the sounds of The Recessionals Jazz Band. Guys, feel free to dress the part with a newsboy cap and two toned shoes. Gals, get dolled up in your flapper dress and boas. It’s time for summer’s grand finale.

Surprise me with this...

Liquor 101: A Quick Guide to Distilled Spirits

It's never too late to learn about the "forbidden beverages" in the Roaring 20's. You won't need a prescription for these whiskey tastings. Our passionate distillers from Stateside, Dad's Hat, Hay Maker, and Blue Coat share the history and taste profiles of Brandy, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Vodka, and Whiskey. Each of these distilled spirits are unique and have distinct styles within themselves. Mingle with the makers in cocktail party fashion - as this is the time in which the social practice of having a cocktail, or two, or three before dinner became widespread.

Picture this…

The most majestically perfect summer evening, temperature 80 degrees with zero humidly. The lush green manicured lawn of Normandy Farm’s Grand Garden, lined with picnic tables for guests to roll up their sleeves and let down their hair for a magical night of food, spirits, beer, wine and music.

Smell this…

We have a built in taste-smell connection, so your nose knows when the coals are hot and the ribs, chicken and sausage are sizzlin’ on the grill. Sip while you saunter to all of the grill stations, reminiscent of summertime barbecues when you were a kid. Remember, your nose does not lie when it picks up the scent of deliciousness.

Taste and Sip this…

This is the crab fest that you’ve been waiting for all summer long… buckets of all you can eat Maryland hard shell crabs! You’ll go up for seconds and thirds of fall off the bone ribs, Whole Foods Market made-in-house smoked sausage, peel and eat shrimp, pineapple glazed salmon, mile long summer salad bar, Chef Sam’s 20 foot dessert display complete with S ‘Mores station … Is your mouth watering yet? Wash it all down with your choice of local distilled spirits and you are set for the night. Our friendly servers will gladly clear your plate which is your cue to graze some more!

Located just 25 minutes from Center City Philadelphia and situated in the heart of Blue Bell, Pa.,Normandy Farm Hotel and Conference Center is more than a meticulously restored American landmark—it's a fully wired, high-tech hospitality venue. Relax on our grand terrace, sip a cocktail in America's oldest silo, play a challenging game of golf on our championship course, plan an event with us or dine on our delectable farm-to-table cuisine. It all adds up to One Historic Experience.

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