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Pennsylvania Charities Increase Funding Through Golf Outings

It is unbelievable how many truly necessary charitable causes there are in the Pennsylvania market today. While this is an excellent reality for the community, great causes are now forced to come out of their comfort zone and get competitive. Being able to show your supporters value while keeping costs under control is key.

According to the Statistics Brain Research Institute, the average household income of golfers is $95,000.00 per year. Charities can find shared interest around this hobby to be an excellent means to tapping into an affluent list of new donors. Golf is literally changing the world, one outing at a time. From celebrity sponsors, to elaborate invitationals, to small private fundraisers, the outing business has become an industry within itself. If you have been finding success in smaller events, a golf outing creates an excellent opportunity to increase contributions, expand your network of attendees, sponsors and board members, and enhance the personal connection to your cause.

Organizing a golf outing may sound like a daunting task if you are new to this type of planning. A one stop shop will not only make your guest experience optimal, but will also save your outing committee valuable time and funds. Find a course that has it all, so there is no need to hire a planner, a separate caterer, AV rental, printing resources, etc. There are countless details behind the scenes – most you won’t even know exist until you work with a facility that has it all. Many 3rd and 4th year outings have unfortunately learned that the hard way, and are trending now to country clubs that allow them to attract more attendees with reduced pricing while maintaining the same menu of guest amenities. This is resulting in a greater donation to the cause itself which at the end of the day is the primary goal.

Every outing has a story and it is important that it have the funds to be heard.

About Blue Bell Country Club Blue Bell Country Club is one of only three Arnold Palmer Signature Golf Clubs in the Greater Philadelphia Area. Located in Montgomery County, Blue Bell Country Club offers an exclusive private atmosphere to those seeking an unparalleled golf experience, first-class recreational amenities and exquisite food and drink. Throughout the last two decades, Blue Bell Country Club has followed in the tradition of impeccable service, friendliness and attention to detail.

Our outing model is all inclusive. For growing foundations or employee appreciation events that are looking to enhance the experience of their guests, there are a variety of options to take your event to the next level. A first class event planner will be by your side from start to finish to ensure you that every detail is implemented. A PGA professional and his staff will orchestrate your outing with customized score cards, cart signage and event posters. Your guests will receive personalized agenda for the day with directions to download an app to view live scoring throughout your round. The possibilities today are limitless.

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