Chef Sam Nahhas Shares Six Secrets of Creating the Perfect Plate

Here at Normandy Farm, we pride ourselves in presenting you with delicious cuisine that always includes a dish (or five) that looks too good to eat. You know—a plate that's stacked with color and texture and designed in such a way that it's just begging you to whip out your phone to snap a pic to wow your followers on Instagram before devouring. As far as the delving into and eating part, we know you have that covered. But we wanted to let you know that it's okay to play with your food in your home kitchen and share some artful plating secrets from one of our dedicated experts in the kitchen. We asked our resident and award-winning pastry chef Sam Nahhas to give us a behind-the-scenes feel f

How to Host the Perfect Celebration of Life

What Is a Celebration of Life? Celebrations of Life are gatherings that provide ways to connect with friends and family in support of a loved one who is important in your life. These celebrations provide a way to share memories, photos, stories and a common bond of love for someone who means the world to you. Whether they are intimate affairs with light hors d'oeuvres and coffee, a buffet of favorite dishes or a sit-down event that includes an elegant dinner with cocktails, speakers and a party-like atmosphere, it's important to remember that they are caring events where the focus is on honoring and cherishing the legacy of your special person. Types of Celebrations Living celebrant: Many ti

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