Daydreaming About Being Outside While at Work? Host One of Our Corporate BBQs at Normandy Farm!

Ever get caught daydreaming out an expansive window during another meeting that seems to drudge on and on, watching clouds drift by on a blue sky as your stomach growls and yet another pizza is brought in for lunch? You know the scene: the boss asks you for last month's sales report numbers and you blink twice as you get sucked back into the same old boring meeting ... We’re thinking that you’re not the only one in the meeting who’s wishing they were outside. Why not give one of our corporate team-building barbeques a try? Imagine wearing comfortable attire as your team loosens up, laughs a bit and discovers skill sets, camaraderie and how to make things work smarter in a fun and productive

Meet Our New Spring Menu - Bursting with Flavor

Warmer weather is finally rolling into Normandy Farm, and we are thrilled to be able to toss the jackets aside, open up the windows, breathe in the clean air and, most importantly, introduce our new, refreshing spring menu to the farmer's daughter restaurant. It’s just bursting with flavor, creativity and fun! Award-winning Chef Mtele Abubakar (Chef Abu) and his team are excited to announce the latest farm-to-table lineup of lunch munchies, dinner dishes and our famous “pop in on a whim” sip & share happy hour bites. Take a look—or better yet, come and sit with us and let your palate experience springtime. Luscious Lunch: You deserve to take an extra-long lunch hour to come hang with us at o

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