Normandy Farm Pies - The Perfect Slice of Holiday Cheer

"Nothing says Thanksgiving quite like the smell of freshly baked pies. And nothing could be better than pairing your bites of sugar-laced perfection with a steaming cup of coffee or an after-dinner cordial. Normandy Farmof Blue Bell has been crafting these flavor-filled treats traditionally during the holiday season for years. Using time-tested proprietary recipes and skillful hands in the kitchen, these nine-inch round plates are destined to make an appearance at your holiday table this year.,,," READ FULL ARTICLE HERE!

Pennsylvania Charities Increase Funding Through Golf Outings

It is unbelievable how many truly necessary charitable causes there are in the Pennsylvania market today. While this is an excellent reality for the community, great causes are now forced to come out of their comfort zone and get competitive. Being able to show your supporters value while keeping costs under control is key. According to the Statistics Brain Research Institute, the average household income of golfers is $95,000.00 per year. Charities can find shared interest around this hobby to be an excellent means to tapping into an affluent list of new donors. Golf is literally changing the world, one outing at a time. From celebrity sponsors, to elaborate invitationals, to small private

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